Why join ?

Why should you join this retail revolution?

    • Online and social media is now very crowded for fashion brands
    • Getting into retail is very costly and time consuming
    • Distributer and wholesale (middle man) take big cuts from your profit
    • It is very difficult and sometimes impossible to get into a bigger retailer
    • Bigger retailers will cut your margin and start off with very low quantities
    • Supply chain process is difficult to manage and costly
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What are the benefits?

Brand/Business benefits

  • Retail adds another sales platform – would increase your revenue
  • The fact that you sell via retail provides credibility to your brand
  • Makes your brand more competitive – stay ahead and don’t get left behind
  • Very low cost compared to normal retail
  • Your product range will also be sold through Insta Attire’s website– another sales avenue

Your products are managed by Insta Attire:

  • Stock unpacking
  • Security tagging
  • Stock reordering
  • Access to all your sales data
  • Your brand will be part of a new and unique business concept which will have customers buzzing with excitement
  • This can be your first foot into the retail door which is normally very costly and time consuming
  • Your brand will be easy to find unlike online and social media which is very saturated
  • Merchandising
  • Back stock replenishment
  • Weekly inventory checks
  • Free advertising on Insta Attire’s social media pages (Instagram and Facebook)
  • You can choose certain elements of merchandising and add your own touch to units
  • This platform could be used as a tool to access the bigger retailers as you will have a proven track record of retail sales

Customer benefits

Reduced costs

No delivery or return costs, saving you time and money


Your customers can touch and try on products before purchasing


Instant access to your products – not having to wait for delivery


Customers will be getting a unique experience as the retail unit will be designed to promote social media and fashion


Social aspect – customers like to shop with their friends and family

Benefits of joining now and

  • Heavily reduced price (UP TO 50% OFF)
  • Notified first of new sites and locations
  • Limited spaces and best spaces sell fast
  • Flexible terms and conditions

Now you know why to join us, find out how…….

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