What is Insta Attire?

Insta Attire in a nutshell

Insta Attire will manage your full retail process and sell your urban fashion range in a busy shopping mall which has over 600,000 footfall each month.

Insta Attire is not a pop up shop, it is a unique opportunity to sell to your target market day in day out from a stylish and modern retail environment.

All you have to do is provide us your stock and we can start generating additional revenue with minimal involvement at a fraction of the cost compared to other channels.

mens casual street clothing

online advertising too

Our urban & fitness brand partners will also have the added benefit of advertising their products on the website without any monthly subscriptions.

Do you want

To get your fashion brand to retail

To increase your sales

Add another sales platform

To take your business to the next level

To increase brand awareness

Insta Attire can provide all of the above without you having to pay and consume time and money on:

  • Staffing
  • High rent and rates
  • Stock control
  • Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Fixtures and fittings
  • Retail marketing
  • The retail list is endless...............

A World First!

Insta Attire is seeking to be the world’s first men’s and women’s retail fashion store providing online and social media brands quick and easy access to stock their products in a busy retail environment without all the associated costs of running a shop. The store unit is expecting to launch in the summer of 2019 and will be located in a very busy shopping mall in Reading which has an average footfall of over 600,000 each month. Insta Attire is looking to partner with urban/fitness brands who aim their fashion products at the 16-35 age range and have mass market appeal.

You want retail space but not a whole entire shop and you certainly don’t want all the added hassle that comes with retailing such as staffing and high rents.

Cooperative Retailing

The next generation of retail......

Selling through a store which charges very high commission rates or to a high street retailer at marginal trade prices are no longer viable due to economic changes. Cooperative retailing is the next generation of retail.

The industry has to evolve due to rising costs and the increase of online shopping. Insta Attire is to lead the way for fashion cooperative retailing but in a very unique way.

Online and social media brands can now finally get their whole product range into the ‘high street’ from as little as £1.70 per day without having to go through a time consuming and costly process of approaching big name retailers or running their own shop.

For many brands this unique sales platform would be the initial gateway into the retail environment as majority of businesses are online start-ups due to high retail costs. Insta Attire’s mission is to bring the best online and social media brands together under one roof and offer them to the public using a local targeted method.

Insta Attire can also provide an online only sales platform which costs £10 per month and 20% commission on each item sold. For more information, please complete the Initial Interest Application Form. We will then notify you within 48 hours if your application has been successful along with the next steps.


Online only solution also available

To avoid disappointment due to limited floor and wall space, Intsa Attire will also provide an online only solution to approved brands who have no retail space to select from. This means some brands will be selling through Insta Attire’s e-commerce site only.  

Where is Insta Attire?

Location #1 Reading Town Centre  

Reading has been chosen as the first location due to many positive factors, which includes the perfect blend of revenue potential against costs. Other top line reasons for choosing Reading:

  • The retail hub for the whole Thames Valley
  • One of the fastest growing towns in the the UK with a population size of 318,000
  • Very close to London (20 minutes by train)
  • Great transport links for shopping
  • Reading house prices are booming due to Cross Rail construction

Property Information

The actual store has 2000 square footage of retail space and is located in a busy shopping mall, which has footfall over 600,000 each month! The property will be completed to a high spec minimalistic design which will provide a great retail environment and one which will certainly have people talking.

Other property information:

  • split over two floors with a large basement for back stock
  • The shopping mall is located in the heart of Reading’s town centre
  • The shopping mall has circa 8 million people and provides over 475,000 sq ft of retail space across many shops
  • The catchment for the mall is over 1.7 million
  • There are also over 700 car parking spaces which are very popular
  • The shopping mall is also being extended by an additional 10,000 sq ft and at a cost of over £2m

Now you know what we do, find out why you should be a part of it!

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